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Kampaay helps you avoid stress and save time when organising your event, so you can focus on relaxing with your guests.


Our platform will allow you to easily scan through a list of services and products, so you can choose what is best for your event.


No more wasting time looking for agencies or waiting for quotations. Do everything by yourself in a blink of an eye!


The professionalism of our Party-Sitters, mixed with the transparency of our platform, will guarantee the quality and success of your event.


We are aware of today’s societal challenges. So everyday our goal is to work towards cleaner and more sustainable events.

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“ The organisation of the party was impeccable and the fun granted, absolutely to try! ”


“ I always wanted to organised events but had no time! Kampaay makes it so fast and simple that I never miss a chance to gather friends at home! “


“ I love that all the services I need are in one place and I can build my event by myself, without wasting time. Plus the personnel is qualified and friendly! “


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