Meet Our Team

It all started when four creative and skilled guys crossed their paths while studying Management Engineering at the Polytechnic School of Milan. Our diverse backgrounds and expertise, combined with a common passion for meeting new people and being part of a community, led us to create something new and useful, something that everyone would want to be part of.
But now enough with the talking. It's time for you to meet the faces behind the Cocktail Glass!


Marco Alba

Made in Sud (Southern Italy), Portuguese speaker, great gourmet, wine taster and passionate humorist. He spent part of his college years living in Brazil and discovering all of its aspects. The ideal person to call when you need to turn a bad day into a great one!


Daniele Arduini

Guitar player, sportsman, whiskey lover and proud amateur bartender. Otherwise known as the Cobra among friends for his hypnotic personality, he managed to live a full semester in the capital of the rising sun, Tokyo, of which he is very fond of. 


Enrico Berto

Tireless dancer, eager traveler, dreamer with a rock ā€˜nā€™ roll soul. He is the people person, always ready to live new experiences. While spending a period of his life in Lisbon he realized what is the purpose of existence... to keep calm and support you, so you don't spill your beer!


Stefano Brigli

Globetrotter, more Venezuelan than Italian, native Spanish speaker, drummer and organizer. During his South Korean Business school experience he developed a wide international network. Intercultural exchanges are part of his everyday life, almost as much as music.