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Kampaay will supply everything needed for your special event. Branded soft drinks, spirits, appetizers and more will be deliverd just before the beginning of your party! Choose the shopping service and fulfil your wish list!  

Delivery fee - 5€

Assistant 50%.png


Free your mind! With the Assistan service, the members of our team will discreetly join your party giving you an extra support to avoid unlikely inconvenients and assure a positive atmosphere during the night.

15€ per hour



Give a signature of exclusivity to your event! Invite one of our bar tenders to the party, he will be happy to serve delicious drinks to you and your guests.

20 € per hour



Cleaning the house after a party is always a drag. 
The Alfred service is the solution, the home will be shiny and clean before you realize it! Just tell us when and our cleaning team will be at your place.

12 € per hour



The best nights start with the right music.
Create a unique atmosphere and make the event unforgettable. Tell us about the genere you like the most, as well as the style of your party, and we will give you a customized music selection through our spotify account for free!


If you have questions about the service functioning or problems in organizing your party (location, transport, sound system etc.) do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our team will be happy to help you!