"Every man is an island"- 
said no Kampaayerever.

Big things happen when we come together - that's why we're making it easier for companies to bring extraordinary events to life.

We, TheRule Breakers

Together we are shaking up the corporate events world, united by our mission and shared values.

Kampaayer’s tribe connects across roles, perspectives, and office maps. Creatives, analysts, tech geeks, event experts  - we blend it all as one unstoppable community.

Raise the bar 1% everday
Speak openly, build trust
Own it and get it done
Work, play, live your way
Shake up the corporate event world

Do you want to become a Kampaayer?

The Kampaay

With our values at the core, we'll keep innovating to make events accessible, impactful, and magical for organizations worldwide.

We've come far since our beginning - growing globally, attracting investments and welcoming top clients. But we know the best is yet to come.
The future of events is unwritten. And we are ready to reshape it.

Professionals and suppliers
Cities in Italy and Europe
Gruppo di persone di un team che applaude durante un team building aziendale

What will you create
with us?

The journey continues and we want you on board. There are various ways we can reshape corporate events together:

with us
Want to join our amazing team? There are lots of opportunities to contribute your skills and passion as we continue innovating.
our supplier
Have great event services? Let's partner up! We're always looking for reliable suppliers to enhance our clients' events.
Bring Kampaay in your company
Revolutionize your events with our digital solution. Let's discuss how Kampaay can become your event genius.