Better Together - How We Innovate With Suppliers

Innovation requires awesome alliances. Suppliers who wow us with their collaborative spirit and high quality standard make the cut.

Together, we co-create and test new event solutions that go above our client’s expectations.

Join the top companies using Kampaay

The Kampaay

Kampaay partners go the extra mile for our clients.
That means:


  • Flawless on-time delivery, every single time.
  • Surpassing expectations, not just meeting them.
  • Bringing A-game service around the clock.

Kampaay partners are simply unforgettable.

Safety &
Sustainability First

We make safety and sustainability top priorities. We collaborate with partners who:

  • Follow all regulations and best practices - no shortcuts.
  • Invest heavily in extensive team training.
  • Guarantee fully sanitary events start to finish.

Client and guest wellbeing is paramount. We know our partners value this too.

Due uomini che discutono in ambito di sicurezza
Donna che sorride in un ufficio


Kampaay partners breathe client satisfaction. They:

  • Go above and beyond to anticipate every need.
  • Remain agile to handle all requests.
  • Offer customized solutions tailored to each client.

Kampaay partners are devoted to 5-star service.

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How We Choose

Step 01

Si parte
dalle esigenze

I clienti possono scegliere tra i fornitori certificati già presenti in piattaforma oppure inviare un brief per un evento su misura. A quel punto il nostro team identifica i partner ideali per creare l’evento.


Step 01

Make Dreams

Clients either pick from our pre-certified suppliers or send us a custom event brief. In that case, event experts tap into their superpowers to discover the perfect suppliers to bring those visions to life.

Step 02


La selezione avviene sulla base degli standard e certificazioni:valutiamo track record, recensioni e referenze di ogni potenziale fornitore.


Step 02


To gain access to Kampaay, suppliers must reflect our standards. We also deeply evaluate track records, reviews, and recommendations before inviting partners on board.

Step 03

sul campo

Prima di aggiungere nuovi fornitori su Kampaay, li testiamo per i nostri eventi interni, così da testare sul campo ll'allineamento con gli standard.


Step 03

Testing and

Before adding new partners, we put them to the test by using their services for our own activities and team events. It's our quest to verify alignment with our standards.

Step 04


Una volta a bordo, il nostro team attiva un sistema di feedback per assicurare che i partner offrano sempre esperienze wow.


Step 04


Once aboard, our experts activate their feedback powers to consistently ensure partners are delivering awe-inspiring experiences.