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Omnisyst: When the Event is a Lever for Change

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Omnisyst is an Italian company leading in innovative and circular solutions for industrial waste management. With locations across Italy, it has been supporting organizations for 30 years in optimizing their waste management processes, with an eye towards efficiency and sustainability.

2022 marked a decisive turning point for Omnisyst's growth, with the entry of the Algebris fund into its capital. This investment propelled an already expanding company forward, leading to the addition of new managers and new corporate objectives.

This significant change needed to be communicated to both the team and external stakeholders. Hence, the choice to focus on events and a digital partner to organize them.

The first Omnisyst X Kampaay event

The first event was designed to engage the team in the new vision. We assisted the Marketing and HR teams in organizing Omnisyst's first offsite corporate event: two days at a farmhouse, filled with team-building activities and workshops on corporate culture.

"Organizing such a strategic and anticipated event at Omnisyst for the first time, we won’t hide that the pressure was high. The success and appreciation received exceeded expectations, culminating in spontaneous congratulatory emails from many colleagues". - Fabio Giacomo Santomauro, Chief Marketing Officer Omnisyst

From one-off events to an engagement strategy.

Before Kampaay, events were organized sporadically, with the CEO managing every phase, from supplier research to engaging people. Now, with Kampaay's strategic support, Omnisyst is creating long-term planning that will involve all locations in Italy with itinerant events, integrating HR and Marketing objectives.

"My goal at Omnisyst is primarily to onboard people to the change. All of this, without overburdening my and my team's operations. Kampaay is perfect in this regard." - Flaminia Monetti, Chief Human Resources Officer at Omnisyst.
"We want to make our story, our know-how, and Omnisyst's unique value more known. Events will also be strategic to involve our stakeholders." - Fabio Giacomo Santomauro, Chief Marketing Officer Omnisyst.

What are the benefits of Kampaay? 

For Omnisyst, the added value of Kampaay's digital approach lies in the transparency and simplicity of event organization.

"The platform allows us to view options, costs, and logistics in just a few clicks. It's intuitive and saves valuable time.".  Flaminia Monetti, Chief Human Resources Officer Omnisyst.

Thanks to the platform, managers can focus on strategic activities and be freed from the more logistical aspects of the event. Moreover, consultancy support is essential for brainstorming and being supported at every stage of the event.

With Kampaay
Clear and defined event strategy
More time for high-value activities
Strategic partner
Without Kampaay
Inefficient organization
Little control over budget and resources
Little control over budget and resources

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