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We Need To Talk.

Corporate events hold such potential - they are blank canvases for creating human connections, promoting employee wellness, and amplifying brand messages.

But let’s face it: the way they’re organized is still tied to outdated, inefficient, costly, and low-impact analog methods.

There must be a smarter way to organize corporate events.

That’s Kampaay.

Our platform radically simplifies every
step of planning from concept
to completion. 


The Business
Event Genius

We’re driving change in corporate event world with our digital-first approach, making it effortless for HR, Marketers, and Event Planners to organize
corporate events.

Create Your
Event Strategy
Together we map out a plan to boost awareness, increase engagement, and accomplish your company event goals
Plan Like
a Pro
Get inspired with 100+ event formats,locations, catering and suppliers. Or let your personal event expert craft a one-of-a-kind event from scratch.
to Innovate
Bring your team together in one workspace to ideate, plan and execute your corporate events
The Magic
Analyze experiences. Quantify event impact and ROI. Continually optimize and improve.

The result? Smart events that drive real change.

With Kampaay, every team can save time, slash costs, have more insight and control of every event, gaining the freedom to create more.

The New Wave of Corporate Events

At Kampaay we believe that better it’s always possible. This is our call to arms for a new wave of corporate events. A new wave where corporate event it’s no longer:

A productivity-killer: Event planning should be smart and simple.
Work smarter, not harder.
A “Let’s see what happens” gamble. Events should aim to make an impact.
Keep your eyes on the prize.
All rules and no play: 
Yes: every detail matters. 
But there should always 
be room for spontaneity.
Let loose a little.
A “one and done” deal: An event doesn’t end when the lights go out; it shouldbe part of a larger strategy.
Stay focused on the
bigger picture.
Just about “keeping the boss happy”: Satisfaction should be everyone’s, notjust at the vertex.
Every voice matters.
And it’s definitely NOT a show-off: The focus should be on what truly matters: genuine connections and meaningful experiences, with zero waste.
Keep it real.

Organize Events in 30% less time

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