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Three statistics to know in 2024 for your corporate retreats

Three statistics to know in 2024 for your corporate retreats

Even the numbers confirm it: the corporate retreat is a valuable experience for the team. Let's find out why in this article.

Why business retirement is critical

Smart working or office? After the pandemic, people were divided into two categories: those who They choose Smart working and they would never give up, and those who want to go to the office every day, why do you want to put the benefits of a rejuvenating chat break to the coffee machine?

Whatever the team's preferred way of working, those who hold the reins of a company know very well the The value of sociality and to make people much more than colleagues and colleagues: a real team that works.

And this is where the company retreat. An immersive experience for Create union in the team, strengthening the spirit of collaboration through a series of team building activities That they can improve interpersonal relationships and, therefore, working.

Organize a company retreat becomes an opportunity for real exchange: sharing moments outside the work context has a whole series of beneficial effects that positively affect the company's performance, contributing to create a healthy work environment.

The data tell us: they are Lots of statistics which confirm the role that the corporate retreat plays in different aspects of the work activity, starting, for example, with personal satisfaction or creativity. Let's review some of them!

Corporate Retreat: Happiness at work can increase by 18%

From one Airbnb studio, it emerges that the mere thought of being able leaving for a corporate retreat, thus spending part of their free time with other colleagues, can make the 18% feeling happy.

Because let's face it: how many people do you know who are happy to go to the office every day and interact with their colleagues? Spoiler: few. Perhaps the problem is that we don't know at all who is next to us 8 hours a day (or more) at the desk. What better opportunity, then, to Start getting to know them, during a corporate retreat?

With the off-site, then, it is also possible to realize the desire to Have more in-person contacts. Even those who work remotely miss human contact. He wants to talk face to face, not just through cold chats.

So here is that the company retreat becomes the moment in which colleagues can interface with each other in a different way than usual: the activities of a retreat, in fact, whether they are Kick-off meeting, sports games, tastings, puzzles, may be the best way to shoot Outside the most collaborative part of their team, which goes beyond the logic of competition that can arise in the actual work context.

In practice, in fact, being able to establish deeper relationships with your colleagues and managers working in a virtual environment is certainly more difficult. Getting to know someone during an outdoor team game allows you to give space to parts of communication between human beings that cannot emerge, for example, during a “cold” work chat: the body language, tone of voice, facial expressions.

Company off-site: productivity can grow by 13%

It is said that A happy employee is a more productive employee. And there is so much happiness during a company retreat! That's where you discover your colleagues in a new light and create real bonds.

Employees who live the business environment in a peaceful way and feel at ease in social interactions with other colleagues - therefore, who in the work environment are Happier - they are also from 13% more productive.

To put in black and white the relationship between happiness and productivity is a research by the University of Oxford. To this, other data that emerged from various surveys on employees who had experienced the corporate retreat can be linked.

Being more productive can sometimes mean Bring up creative ideas, out of the box; it means being able to think Out of the Box. There are many employees who claim to have been able to be more creative precisely during the company retreat, even with activities of team building for lateral thinking, then managing to transfer this creativity into the everyday workflow. Working together That's how it becomes a whole other music!

Corporate retreat: helps combat loneliness by 70%

One of the main consequences of the post-pandemic, precisely because of the presence of an increasing number of people who work in modalities Full Remote, is social isolation, with the consequent risk of Suffering from loneliness. An increasingly frequent theme in People Strategy of many companies.

A Forbes study showed that the Company Retreat It is an excellent way to be able to reduce this almost inevitable risk of working in smart working: it is estimated, in fact, that it can help to Combat loneliness by 70%.

The social interactions that are set in motion during the company retreat are also useful for employee well-being and mental health. Feeling part of something, part of a project in which you believe, can also help to combat rather widespread phenomena in the world of work, such as that of Burnout.

Companies can thus offer those who prefer totally remote work the opportunity to one or more annual meetings during which to get away from that sense of alienation that you experience working alone and strengthening human interactions, vis-a-vis contact, Team spirit.

Logistic Reply's corporate retreat

One of the strengths of the company retreat consists inorganize an activity of Team building, that is, putting their employees to the test with team games or recreational activities of different types, to be chosen also based on the seasons or company values.

Among the various types of team building to choose from, we find, for example, the sports team building: Logistic Reply organized one using Kampaay.

The company's team (more than 100 people) has been transformed, for a few hours, into a group of athletes, ready to fight in water activities, tournaments, challenges of different types. La location for corporate events identified to make all this possible, was a farmhouse surrounded by greenery.

The participants were divided into teams, each identified by a bandana of a different color, and they tried their hand at SUP, kayak and wakeboard competitions. The day ended with a snack by the lake, made with freshly baked waffles and crepes.

The results of Logistic Reply's corporate retreat

THEcorporate event has given Logistic Reply's employees the opportunity to experience aexperience out of the ordinary and to have fun, while collecting:

  • Memories to share in the future, an excellent starting point for wanting to see each other and hang out even outside the work context;
  • a perfect opportunity for become a more efficient team;
  • a way to ease tension and stress of every day, checkmate the routine;
  • major awareness of company values, such as the enhancement of every single resource, the relevance of cooperation, the well-being of individuals.

In line with what was reported in the initial statistics, theLogistic Reply off-site meeting made it possible for the company's employees to go beyond their work roles, supporting each other for achieving a final goal. In this case, let your team win!

Organize a company retreat? Everything is easier with Kampaay

As we have seen, organizing successful corporate retreats is decisive for motivating employees and strengthening team spirit. But it requires time, creativity and coordination that is often lacking.

And this is where it comes into play Kampaay! With our platform, Organize a corporate event perfect is easy and fast.

You will have at your disposal a catalog of ready-to-use ideasor, to immediately find the right activity without starting from scratch. And the support of experts to create tailor-made proposals, such as a rejuvenating day at the spa.

You will manage the budget for your corporate eventsi, logistics and suppliers in a quick and organized way. And with ours Dashboard you will monitor data and results in real time, to always improve.

Not only that: our team will be at your side as a strategic partner, to create a corporate events strategy capable of giving a turning point tobusiness engagement.

Kampaay is the smart solution that simplifies processes and amplifies the results of each event. The indispensable ally for unforgettable retreats and a valuable employee experience!

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